The Ultimate Add-On for a Better Business
By Christine Kollo

TL:DR – E-Commerce and online shopping is shaping our future. If you sell anything, you need an online store. Read more to find out why!

E-Commerce and Online Shopping - 3 Excellent Reasons Why You Need an Online Store 1

hort answer…Yes.

Slightly longer answer…probably. If you are in the business of selling pretty much anything, then having an ability to sell it online is a smart choice. Having a platform to sell your wares on the World Wide Web can help you reach an audience you may not have considered. Let’s look at a little case study I put together:

There is a very neat coffee shop close to where I live that also has a gift shop. They sell the coolest stuff and have an online store. If they didn’t have their shop also online, the only customers they would have would be the surrounding area right? It’s a simple concept but sometimes things aren’t considered until they’re right in front of you. This shop now has the ability to reach an audience not considered by many and the potential to grow a small business exponentially.

Here’s another example of an online store that might be a little less obvious:

Salons often sell products that they use and the only place to get these magical products is typically AT the salon itself. Another option if you are a salon owner is to have your website not just be an “online presence” and also be a useful resource to your business. Add a booking option and a store so clients (and the world) can purchase salon products and book their next haircut at the same time. It’s great to have a website but it’s better to have a website that can actually work for you.

Christine Kollo
OakTree Designs