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Banner for Indigenous Children

Banner for Indigenous Children 3
Island View High School Banner

This banner is part of our portfolio but was not commissioned. In May of 2021, the remains of 215 indigenous children were found at the site of a former Residential School near Kamloops, British Columbia. To lend a hand and to educate the next generation, OakTree Designs volunteered our services and donated this banner to Island View High School in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia where OakTree Designs is Headquartered. The school was looking for people to donate children’s shoes as a display of how many children were found and the gravity of that discovery. The pattern in this banner includes 215 individual feet in the pattern to represent each of the children found. Click HERE for the original news article but please note the story contains content that some may find disturbing. OakTree Designs stands with the indigenous communities in this country and recognize our business and home resides on unceded Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

This project sparked a fire in the hearts of OakTree’s team and we want to continue this kind of work. If you are a business or community that is looking for help getting your project off the ground and need assistance, we have a community outreach program called The Kindness Project that may be able to help. We strive to help those that are trying to do good in the world but don’t have the financial means to get the word out. Click HERE for The Kindness Project page.