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Mindful Earth Market Logo & Web Design

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Mindful Earth Market Web Design & Logo

Mindful Earth Market is a project near and dear to our owner’s heart. In January of 2020, she had created the Mindful Earth Market project to try and help with the climate crisis. With eco friendly, affordable everyday products, the hope was that this website would be a place for people find replacement products for everyday items that were previously made with single use plastics or harsh chemicals, more ecologically responsible goods as well as a learning resource for people to become more educated about the environment issues.

Worldwide shipping is a huge contributor to our environmental issues and Mindful Earth Market was set to use a dropshipping method. Meaning, only when i product was purchased from the manufacturer, would it be shipping out. Many of the items that were going to be available were made of natural materials like loofah, a vegetable native to India, China and Vietnam. These products were handmade in these regions with love and the proceeds went right back into the small communities in which they were created.

Then entered COVID-19. The global pandemic sent a huge upper cut to shipping globally and small manufactures that were already struggling were very soon out of business. The idea to 1) help reduce unnecessary shipping and 2) elevate small communities and businesses with natural products soon turned to dust as more and more people chose Amazon, Walmart or other big box stores understandably over the smaller ones. They had the stock for everyday items we all needed. They didn’t take over a month to ship a sponge either. The climate crisis was put on hold by so many so they could just survive. COVID brought so much pain to so many and at the time of writing, it is currently August 2021 and we are still very much in the grip of this pandemic with seemingly, no way out.

Shops that people were starting to open up to like bulk food stores that you could bring your containers to and more eco friendly solutions were put to the wayside or even closed permanently to make more room for even more individually packaged items, masks, hand sanitizer, bleach and disinfectant wipes. People all over the world are fighting for their life, mother nature not excluded.

Amongst the COVID chaos, corporate greed and sadness, if we can all change one bad habit for a good one when it comes to the environment, we can make this world a better place. Bring your lunch to work in reusable containers, use a metal straw, get really good at your recycling game. No one’s perfect and that’s what makes us human but if we remember that we are all on this beautiful blue marble together, our global friends all seem a little bit closer and we can all feel connected and empowered to do a bit more Earthly housekeeping.

Mindful Earth Market is unfortunately not open for business but the site is still up for some learning resources, teaching tools and motivation to lead a less wasteful, mindful life.