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Scopes Plus Logo, Website Design & Business Cards

Scopes Plus Logo, Website Design & Business Cards 3
Scopes Plus Logo, Website Design & Business Cards 4

Scopes Plus Logo & Brand Design

ScopesPlus Marketing is an agency with a passion for premium optics however, anything astronomy, birding, photography and citizen science related is their bread and butter. Their marketing and sales agency is the connection manufacturers and consumers have to retailers and their website is the connection for everyone to the world of optics.

The logo is a reflection of the different facets of optics that ScopesPlus is all about. A deep purple to represent the sun peeking up after a night of stargazing and a grassy green to represent the leaves of trees and marshy wetlands where birds love to hide. The plus symbol represents the crossroads that all these groups come together and the gentle slope on the edges for the roundness of optics and for a more welcoming feel. Logo design can be a weird and sometimes complicated affair but OakTree owner and graphic designer Christine pours herself into each logo and the process to get a polished design and something that each client can really be attached to.

Scopes Plus Web Design

Part sales tool, part educational tool, the ScopesPlus website includes content for everyone. Check them out HERE.

This project was so inspirational to complete. The design of this site was carefully planned to reflect the industry and user experience. ScopesPlus operates in a niche market and the site really had to reflect a clear vision of their company and market. The owner of ScopesPlus Gary, has a passion for STEM education and wanted his site to not only be a sales tool for his marketing agency but also a place he could share knowledge, tools and resources to the science community and young scientists.