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SkyShed Observatories
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SkyShed Observatories has been in business since 2003 and have been changing the astronomy and astrophography industry ever since.

We had the pleasure of working with them to update their existing web sites as well as launch a new website for their newest product, SkyShed POD-S.

SkyShed Observatories has been in business since 2003 and may possibly be the coolest business ever. The company is owned by Wayne and Lorelei Parker.

Fun fact: Wayne is the bassist for Glass Tiger, an iconic Canadian rock band.

SkyShed Observatories started when they created building Plans for a beautiful roll-off roof shed for astronomy and astrophography. They continued their work when they designed the Personal Observatory Dome (POD), a unit comprised of high end polyethylene plastic that is manufactured here in Canada at their factory in Shallow Lake, Ontario.

SkyShed Observatories celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2022 and to celebrate launched SkyShed POD-S, new POD models and variations.

All of their incredible products can keep astronomy and astrophotography equipment safe and secure. It can take hours to set up and tear down the intense amount of gear to capture the beauty of the universe.

That’s where SkyShed Observatories comes to play. With their long lasting, game changing POD-S, POD or Roll-Off Plans, they give anyone with an interest in astronomy, whether amateur or professional the peace of mind they need to operate their equipment.

We worked with SkyShed to re-vamp and modernize their websites, and created an all new e-comm / shopping system for them. Overall, this project was incredibly fun to work on and we continue to work with SkyShed Observatories with maintenance, content updates, hosting and domain management.

The gallery on the POD site is ever growing and currently has over 1,200 photos on it all linked to their SkyShed Instagram account. Go check it out!

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