Starfield Optics

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Starfield Optics
  • Graphic Design

We had the pleasure of designing the owners manual for Starfield optics Dobsonian Telescope. The manual was designed in French and English and was created for a digital and printable application.

Project: Starfield optics bilingual Dobsonian Telescope Owners Manual

Starfield Optics is a Canadian optics company that specializes in high end astrophotography equipment.

They have created a stunning lineup of products that not only look beautiful but make you feel like you are in the stars.

For this owners manual, working with Starfield Optics existing branding, we created a black and red concept with lots of breathing room around text boxes and a consistent tone throughout.

We added small details like the page numbers that feature the same stars from the Starfield logo to tie everything together.

The manual was created in both French and English for the Canadian market.

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