Todd Hill Farm

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Todd Hill Farm
  • Branding
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  • Web Design
  • CRM

Todd Hill Farm is a non-profit equestrian school located in Oakfield NS. They offer English riding lessons and equine assisted learning programs for students of all ages and all levels. We were so excited to partner with Digital Nova Scotia and their Digital Assistance for Small Business grant program. We created a CRM for them and redesigned their website.

Project: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Installation & Website

Todd Hill Farm (THF) is a non-profit and work tirelessly to assist children, teens and adults with equine assisted therapies as well as riding lessons for all ages. The farm is beautiful to visit and the team there is truly wonderful – the horses are pretty great too!

The goals that we needed to accomplish for this project were to improve on the visual design, user experience and workflow for THF staff. We started with the branding and with a well established logo, we used that to build out a larger brand concept and applied it throughout their website as well as their CRM. We were able to organize their content so information was easy to find for staff and student a like.

There are lots of programs happening at Todd Hill Farm and the staff needed application forms that could send the form information to a system that would record it so they could be better organized.

Using the CRM, they are able to maintain student profiles, send out mass communications and have their students sign their safety documents. There is also an integrated calendar they can use for scheduling and a knowledge base to include an FAQ section for all students to have access to.

The customer login portion of the CRM is easy to navigate and visually beautiful and the admin side has everything the THF team needs to stay organized.

We thoroughly enjoyed creating this website redesign and were very excited to be able to launch this project. This website, in conjunction with their CRM, has improved productivity and day to day work for staff and students. With the use of integrated forms and their connected CRM system, we are very excited to see this project some to life.

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