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TLS Property Services
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TLS Property Services has been a pillar in our home community for over 20 years providing landscaping, construction and general property services with exceptional quality. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with them on a logo update and new business cards.

Project: Logo update & Business Cards

We had the pleasure in working with Tim and Ryan over at TLS Property Services in Eastern Passage, NS to update their existing logo and incorporate a magnolia in the design. The font stayed the same and we updated the colour palette and included the graphics.

We love the softness of the floral graphic and earth tones in the palette and were excited to be able to create matching business cards to add to their brand.

This branding lends to the nature (pun intended) of their business and creates a tone of peace and calmness – something people will certainly feel looking at the stunning work TLS Property Services delivers. To learn more about TLS and the work they do, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.